Our Story

    After working in the industry for several years, Brian Golie identified a gap in the market for a supplier that could provide consistent and high-quality raw materials for in-vitro diagnostic manufacturers. In 1989 Brian Golie started Golden West Biologicals, Inc (GWBI) to fill this gap by being a supplier dedicated to understanding and servicing the needs of the biological industry, while sourcing excellent manufacturers to acquire products that provided quality, consistency and value.

    GWBI carried on its quest for high quality and consistent products by opening its first manufacturing facility in 2004, while continuing to distribute biological products. Both divisions continued to grow, with much gratitude and appreciation to our loyal customers. In 2015 GWBI provided three solutions by transferring its manufacturing division to its subsidiary Golden West Diagnostics (GWD) and transferring its distributed products to Golden West Biosolutions (GWS) and maintaining its distribution of therapeutic Human Serum Albumin for excipient use under GWBI.

One Passion, Three Solutions.

One passion, three solutions.

The Golden West Family

        Today, the Golden West companies offer unrivaled quality and value to its customers with its extensive distribution network and manufacturing capabilities. As a distributor, Golden West Biologicals, Inc. offer therapeutic Human Serum Albumin for excipient use. As a distributor, Golden West BioSolutions, LLC offer biological components such as antigens, enzymes, human serum off the clot, and various other blood products. As a manufacturer, Golden West Diagnostics, LLC offers human matrices used in the preparation of controls and standards, human and animal protein fractions, human serum AB and specializes in the Mass Spect Gold product line, offering matrices that are ultra-low analyte for vitamins, steroids, hormones and toxicology negative. The Golden West companies offer a vast product list and also develops and adds new products and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the customers and industry we serve.


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